How To Dye Alpaca Fiber with Kool-Aid

Probably the easiest, cheapest and least harmful way to dye alpaca fiber is with Kool-aid.  Where else can you get a rainbow of colors for $0.25 a pack!

Solid Color Dye:

1.       Heat a pan of water so that you see steam rising but not so hot it’s boiling

2.       Add your Kool-aid  and stir

a.       The more packets you add the darker the color.  Mix and match kool-aid packet colors and make your own!

3.       Put in your fiber and push down with tongs until fiber is fully submerged

4.       Let simmer for 30 minutes or until water is clear.

5.       Pour your fiber and water into a colander to drain out the water. Use your tongs to press out extra water but be sure not to agitate the fiber or it will felt. (Note the water that I’m pouring out in the photo is clear)


6.       I dry my fiber on cookie racks next to my dehumidifier in the basement.  You can also use sweater racks or set it out to dry in the sun on a lawn chair or towels

Kool-Aid Dye Color Chart!
Click on color chart for larger image.  Props out to for this great color chart!


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