How To Make Felt Soap

One of my favorite things to do with raw fiber is to felt soap. Not only is it a fun activity for both kids and adults but you get a usable product that everyone can enjoy. Felted soap also makes great stocking stuffers or toppers for gifts.

I’ve taken photos of the felting process with instructions along the way. Should you have any questions or would like to purchase raw fiber to felt your own soap send me an email or visit our Farm Store.

Some tips for your finished soap:

Should your soap get too dry and not suds up any more run it under warm water and place the wet soap in a Ziploc bag and run in your hands until the suds start flowing again.

If you’ve finished your bar and the soap is all gone the felted part is still usable! With the soap missing the felt now has a pocket in the center where the bar of soap used to be. You can cut one of the ends off and use the felted pouch to house jewelry, cell phones, change or whatever else you can think of!

Happy felting!

As always check out other fiber projects at Alpaca Farm Girl’s Fiber Arts Fridays!

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