How to Build Alpaca Creep Feeder

With cria comes the need to find away to let them get away from the adults and have their own private little space to rest or get some extra grain or hay.  Hence the invention of the creep feeder.

A creep feeder is a simple concept of a space wide enough for a cria to “creep” through but too small for an adult to cram through.

I chose to make a little fenced in area just outside the door to the stall the alpacas use for shelter.  I cut cattle panels into 3 pieces; (2) 5 foot sections and (1) 10 foot section. I used fencing staples to secure the 5 foot sections to the walls of the stall and baling twine to hold one end of the of the 10 foot piece to the 5 foot and 2 carabineers for the other 2 so I can easily get in and out of the pen. 

The creep part is made by the stall door itself.  I open the door just wide enough for a cria to slip through but so the adults can’t and hold it in that position with a stopper.  I used an old exercise step but a cinder block will work just fine.

Here’s my creep feeder in action.  Unfortunately, Beanie wasn’t going to show us how she can sneak through.

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