How to make a Recycled Baling Twine Rug

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recycle the twine that comes off my hay bales.  I really try not to cut the twine when freeing a bale and if I have to I make a conscious effort to cut it next to the knot.  This way I have a length of twine that is the most usable.  With most of my hay used up I have a healthy pile of twine ready for repurposing.  This time it went into a rug.



Recycled Twine Door Mat



Great for scrubbing dirt off your boots

Size ‘P’ crochet hook
Baling Twine – approximately 100 bales worth for a 3×2 foot mat
Grocery bag
Muscle power!

Preparing the Twine

Step 1:
Twine around bales have knots in them.  You want to cut these knots off and toss them in your grocery bag.  Jute twine is a nice fire starter so I keep mine to get a camp fire going in the summer.

Step 2:
Knot each strand to another to form a long jute rope.  Make sure the knots are nice and tight and trim any extra twine hanging out on the off side of the knot.  Yes, I save this too for fire starter

Crochet Pattern

Row 1:  All SC – This row will be the Length of your rug – Add one extra SC and turn
Row 2: Into backs only! SC all the way add one and turn
Row 3-?: Repeat Row 2 until desired width of rug is achieved

By crocheting into backs only this creates a ribbed pattern which helps with 2 things.  It gives your knots a place to hang out and creates ridges so you can scrub the mud and dirt off your barn boots.

Though the pattern is very simple I would have to say this is an intermediate project for one reason.  Twine is a P.I.T.A. to work with!  It’s not flexible, carries a twist and every 6 feet you have a knot to deal with.  When you’re finished with your rug, your hook arm will be very very tired.

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