Peter and Goliath

Good morning!  After I finally rested up my new humans let me out to play!   Unfortunately before I was allowed out they put some nasty tasting paste into my mouth which gave me a bit of a milk mustache as I tried to spit it back out.  YUCK, I hope they don’t try to do that again.

The area they lead me to already had a big black horse in it who seemed disinterested in me all together but I didn’t care I wanted to play!   I ran right up to him, arched my neck and grunted a hello.  The other horse barely looked up and said his name was Goliath.   I reared up, bucked around and jumped on his back so happy to have a playmate.  All I got in return was too heels to my side and flatten ears.  Meanie!



No matter, I galloped around the pasture as fast as I could letting my cooped up legs fly.  The area was too small for my liking so I went over to investigate the fence.  Back home I could lean right on it, put my head through it and munch on the grass that looked so tasty on the other side so I stuck my nose out to do the same.  ZAP! It bit me!   Bucking in a circle to show that fence who’s boss I stretched out and touched it again.  ZAP! 3 times I tried and each time fire hit my poor nose.  The fences at this place are no fun.  That grass will just be all green and beautiful on the other side and I’ll never be able to nibble on it.



Life was pretty good here and my new humans were always coming over to brush out my coat, give me treats an take me for walks.  They constantly insisted on touching me all over and picking up my feet.  I didn’t mind much, I always got lots of cookies if I let them do what they wanted.  Humans are so easy to train.

One day a new lady came to the barn.  My human kept saying “good boy”stand”good boy” so I happily picked up all my feet for the new lady and asked for my cookies.  The new lady however started taking out all these extra things and made me hold up my feet longer while she did some magic spells on them.  A few minutes went by, more treats and they walked me around.  WOW, my feet felt different, so much easier to move around without tripping over myself.  I felt great!

Pete Feet

When my human put me back out with Goliath I immediately ran over to him jumping and bucking into the air so he could see all 4 feet at once.  He wasn’t amused and told me to go away so I trotted over to the fence and called out to the other horses announcing my new awesome feet.  They seemed much more interested but I got bored after the conversation got all girly talking about different polishes, shoes, ribbons, bows.  Yuck, girls.

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