I can smell a bucket from a mile away.

Sometimes mom lets me out to “mow the lawn” and I get run of the front yard.  I love this time because there’s so many extra things I get to check out.  I can see how handsome I am in car mirrors, hang out in the workshop with my human dad and best of all is the front porch.


There’s SO much stuff on the porch to check out.

Lately I discovered that they keep chicken feed on the porch.  I used to be able to just walk right up like the humans do and dig through the buckets but they put a rope across so now I can’t.  No matter.  I have a long neck and can get to the items from the ground!

Mmmm. Chicken scratch! I can smell the stuff from anywhere.  One night I figured out how to wiggle under the fence and made my way into the breezeway where mom moved the chicken scratch to.  Guess what I found?! A bucket of chicken scratch!  Mom was a bit mad at me because she thought I ran away.  Silly human, you know I want that scratch.


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