Making of a Foal - 2

Day 14 vesicle check.  14 days after ovulation we do an ultrasound check to make sure 1) the fertilization took and there’s a viable vesicle 2) there’s only 1 vesicle and we aren’t dealing with twins.  So how did my 2 mares do?

Live Cover Mare: This one I was convinced was pregnant. She had been charging the fence at my stallion to the point she was knocking boards down and was in general, bitchy. We ultrasound her first.  NOTHING. ERRR.  But a nice 32mm follicle ready and waiting for Mr Stud Muffin again.  Great.  Last thing I feel like doing is hand breeding again. Even more entertaining, the next morning after her ultrasound she was teasing the stallion, see photo. Thanks for wasting $50 on an ultrasound! Mares!

AI Bred Mare: This is the one I’ve spent $$ on and really really was hoping took.  Especially since I’ve had issues getting her to take AI before. Ultrasound immediately confirmed a vesicle!  YIPPY….well, not so fast.   Not 1 but 2 vesicles! Great, twins. Well, at least she’s an overachiever! We had to squish the idea of twins, put her on regumate and are now awaiting the 28 day ultrasound check for heartbeat of the remaining vesicle.

Back to hand breeding the live cover mare.  I guess the good news is my stallion is getting really good about washing and waiting for my queue before mounting.  Practice makes perfect on that one. Unfortunately the mare is less cooperative this go around and thinks it fun to kick my stud. Breeding hobbles I bought I swear are draft size and don’t fit her so Pete has to be nimble and time his jump up. So far so good but I don’t have a good feeling about this round with only 1 decent follicle in the factory line up.  Only time will tell.

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