Addi Express Tutorials

I purchased an Addi Express King Size from Paradise Fibers a while back and thought I’d start this page for those looking for more information or tips on how to use their Addi.

What is an Addi Express?  It is a circular knitting machine much like the Innovations knitting machine.  While the Innovations machine was inexpensive and fascinating to watch on QVC the Addi is the lesser known high end model.  The machine is made of very sturdy plastic and doesn’t feel like it will break on you after one project.

I purchased the “King Size” version which has 46 needles and can knit adult hats quickly or panels up to 17″ wide for sweater/blanket projects.   The Addi also makes a smaller model which works well for tube scarfs and infant hats.

Be sure to bookmark this page.  I will be adding more videos along the way.