Horse Bedding

Coming DEC 2017!
Pride of New York!

For all of the local farmers to Rochester New  York.  This is a LOCAL horse bedding company run right here in our own back yard with a LOCAL saw mill!

I’ve been using this pelleted bedding now for 2 years and love it enough to make it available to others. I know there are many other options via big AG stores but if you like to help keep jobs and $ in WNY using a high quality bedding, give these a try.

Order as few bags as you’d like or a whole pallet (50 bags) at discount.  Each bag weighs 35lbs

If you’ve never used pellet bedding before here is how I recommend using it. To start, fluff up a minimum of 2 bags of bedding per 12×12 stall. To expand the pellets to saw dust, use 3 gallons of water per bag or spray with a hose. Depending on how messy your horse is add 1 or 2 dry bags per week to maintain bedding. If you don’t initially expand the pellets on a rubber mat stall they can be slippery!

Picking a stall with little to no waste has never been so easy. Even if you have a pig that likes to stir up a stall you can still pick it clean with little waste! The saw dust sifts right through leaving only apples on your fork. Got a wet pee area? You can either pick it out like lumpy cat litter or mix in a dry bag of pellets. Moisture will transfer to the pellets and help expand them to saw dust!

NOTE: Pickups available Weekends Only.  If you are Tax Exempt and would like to order please email your exempt form to and we will send you an invoice separately.

Pellet Bedding per Bag
Pellet Bedding per Bag
35lb bag of pelleted pine shaving bedding.
Price: $5.50
Pellet Bedding per Pallet (50 bags)
Pellet Bedding per Pallet (50 bags)
50 bags (1 Pallet) of pelleted pine shaving bedding.
Savings of $0.50 per bag
Price: $250.00