Aurora LaBella Luna

Name: Aurora LaBella Luna (Cotton)
DOB: 7/20/2003
Sex: Mare
Height: Confirmed 15hh
Color/Markings:  EE/aa Black no red markers
Registration: MHR: F0180 and FSHR: 2003055
Suitability:  Combined Driving
All Breed Profile

2013 FEIT Inspection Results
2nd Premium with High Merit

Currently 2 photos of Cotton are on the Moriesian Horse Registry “History” page!  One where we’re at a trail trial at a gate and another of her driving.


Cotton is a stunning example of the Moriesian breed.  Strong, compact, smart, and willing.  There isn’t anything asked of her that she won’t do.  Cotton has been the area poster child of the breed and has shown successfully in harness, English, Western, games, competitive trail, and has been used for local attractions for sleigh rides, weddings and sadly even for a funeral.

She is a proven broodmare and all of her births so far have been very quick and easy.  She has plentiful milk and colostrum to give to her youngsters.  She’s not a possessive dam at all and is very friendly and all of her foals take on her loving personality.

2017 Show Season

  • GVRDC CT (Dressage/Cones)
    • 1st Single Horse
  • GVRDC HDT (Dressage/Cones/Marathon)
    • 1st Single Horse
  • Walnut Hill HDT (Dressage/Cones/Marathon)
    • Sadly Eliminated due to driver error but would have won based on points


Cotton was kicked in the head in 2013 which resulted in not being able to use a bridle or halter. It didn’t slow this wonder horse down at all. Here’s a short video of her very first time riding bridleless. We’ve continued to ride and show her bridleless!