Alpaca Business – Pricing Your Products

Hi I'm for sale!

Where do they come up with those prices for alpacas and alpaca products? To be perfectly honest, I have NO clue. No one appears to be following the rules of business and the alpaca industry has been inflated for quite some time because of it. Thankfully with the recent economy […]

How To Own Alpacas Without A Farm

Most of us have seen the Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs video of alpaca ranching. There’s shearing, poop clean up, spitting, breeding, birthing, teeth filing, injections, toenail clipping and general farm care. To say the least investing in alpacas is a messy business …. […]

How much does it cost to care for an alpaca?

When writing a business plan for your new alpaca adventures the ultimate question is what does it cost to care for an alpaca per year? The truth is a lot more than what you’re really thinking about but we’ll get into that later. What most folks want to know […]

Starting an Alpaca Farm:

New Buyer’s Guide

Research – start your reading engines! Alpaca’s as an investment. Accountant – the tax benefits from owning alpacas are fantastic and in most cases Uncle Sam will pay for a HUGE chunk of your alpaca purchase. You are also sales tax exempt when buying farm related items Farm Visits – you can […]