Fiber Arts Friday - Resolutions

Welcome Fiber Arts Friday and Crafty Friday Fans.

It is 2011 and with it brings the dreaded New Year’s Resolution.  I made a few resolutions this year related to fiber. 

  1. Learn to knit
  2. Hand paint roving
  3. Learn to ply with thread
  4. Learn to spin beaded yarns

Sounds like a pretty extensive list doesn’t it?  Would you believe in 1 weekend I did every single one of those items?!  

The Christmas holiday flattened our household with the stomach bug and then a cold.  For a solid week everyone was bed ridden and by the time we started to feel better our boredom could be contained no more.  My mother-in-law(M-n-L) and I went fiber crazy!


I had gotten some beautiful merino/bamboo/nylon blended roving from the “roving of the month” club I’m in and while I was still in a fog I spun it up into a thin single with plans of just plying it onto itself for a simple 2 ply.  However the colors wanted more than just a simple ply they wanted pizzazz!  It called out I want GOLD I want Glitter!

The only way I could think of adding some bling to the work was with beads and gold thread. With the help of M-n-L we beaded up some thread and swore a lot plying it into the yarn. 

It was so beautiful, I say was because I learned the hard way that with metallic thread you do NOT set the twist.  The second the yarn hit the water the threat went nuts and twisted up onto itself. *sigh* I would be disappointed but the yarn still looks great and even more unique with all the gold thread bits sticking out of it.

Beaded Yarn

Dying Roving

After the above spinning project I wanted to do more and M-n-L never dyed roving or yarns before so it sounded like a fun project to do.  I weighed out (2) 4 oz portions of roving and each of us got to paint away.  We opted not to wet the roving first so it would suck up the dyes better and not make even more of a counter mess. The end result? A whole lot of fun an laughing.

Hand Painted Dyed Roving


Sunday came and the though of having to go back to work hung over the household.  M-n-L was knitting away on a sweater she was making out of yarn she had gotten for Christmas and I asked if she would teach me to knit.  Sure!

She taught me the “English” way and the general technique and sent me off to my own accord.  Immediately I hated the way the needles felt in my hands and worked them around until they felt better and started knitting.  As I was plodding away M-n-L asked what I was doing because my needles were flying away.  I guess I was a fast learner and ended up teaching myself the German way of knitting without knowing it.  After a few test patches I decided to tackle a full project.

I had gone to my local Yarn Boutique and picked up some Merino/Camel blend and it just called out to me “Hat.” So a hat it became. Tada!

I learned how to knit

Well that wraps up my week.  Crazy huh?

What did you do?

11 comments to Fiber Arts Friday – Resolutions

  • What fun! It must feel good to accomplish so much in one weekend! I wish my MIL were a)nice and b)a fiber enthusiast. 🙂

  • Great resolutions! I tried working on beaded yarn. It was very time consuming. When you figure out how to do it will you post it?? I am sure there is an easier way than the way I did it!!

  • You are creating some awesome projects, the stuff you dyed is so pretty! I had a similar experience with thread plying and a more experienced spinner told me this trick; If you switch the hands that you hold the thread and your single periodically (I do it every couple of draws) it sort of locks your thread in place. Can’t wait to see more of your projects!
    .-= Curly Bird Express´s last blog ..Getting My Fiber Ducks In A Row =-.

    • Actually I did just that… some draws I let the thread wrap the yarn and other draws let the yarn wrap the thread. It looked great when I took it off the bobbin. My mistake was soaking it to set the twist…. I should have just left it on the bobbin for a few weeks and let it rest and not wash it at all.

  • I bow to your Fiber Arts Prowess.
    .-= Kathryn | Alpacamundo´s last blog ..Fiber Arts Friday- Plumber Sweater- part 6 =-.

  • I did not know that about metallic yarn…thanks for sharing!

    .-= Julie Petty´s last blog ..Crochet a Little Alpaca Rug – Free Pattern =-.

  • Lots of great fibery accomplishments in such a short time! You’re amazing.

    I’m getting close to finishing my first sweater. I won’t even tell you how long I’ve been working on it.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Lu

    That all looks like a lot of fun!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    I came via Natural Suburbia 🙂
    .-= Lu´s last blog ..this moment =-.

  • Glad everyone is feeling better! It sounds like you have had a wonderful week of fibery fun! Everything is gorgeous and it seems like you are meant to be a knitter. 🙂 Keep practicing and experimenting! Happy Fiber Arts Friday!
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Fiber Arts Friday- When I Got My Groove Back =-.

  • Sounds like an awesome week. Full of fiber activity. Your hat looks great! Happy Fiber Arts Friday!
    .-= AllyB´s last blog ..Friday 01 07 11 =-.

  • What a way to ring in the New Year! Of course, having a sick family isn’t fun but, WOW, you rocked fiber arts this week. Hooray for learning to knit! My first attempt at plying with a nylon glitter thread gave the overspun look too. I still haven’t figured out what to do with it because unplying just seems tedious. I did go back and create another yarn using the technique but kept the plying a bit looser. I ended up getting a blue ribbon at the Suri Symposium for that yarn so keep experimenting.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday! Keep the momentum up!
    .-= Wonder Why Gal´s last blog ..Fiber Arts Friday – =-.