FAF: New Year’s Shawl

Hi Fiber Arts Friday Fans,

My project and motivation from now until New Year’s is to complete a lace shawl project.  I’ve made great progress on it so far but hello, it’s lace, and the bigger it gets the slower it gets. UGH.

Here’s the details.

The Deadline… New Year’s Eve
The Project… Small Talk Shawl

Here’s my progress since WIP.  I’m up to 10 pattern rows now and by the look of the shawl now I think I need at least another 10 rows possibly 15 thanks to the fact I’m a giant.

To give you an idea of size so far, those are 2×2 ft rug tiles it’s on.   It’s big enough to just cover my shoulders right now but I want it big and with nice flow and drape.  I want the thing to not only look good but actually keep me warm.

So why all this fuss?  Because I have to go from country hick to sexy chick for a upscale New Year’s Eve party at The Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo.   Those who know me rarely see me in anything but jeans and muck boots but thank goodness for some good friends who invite us out every once which gets me dressing up and looking all fancy.   Of course I can’t help but bring a piece of the barn with me (great conversation starters) and this 100% alpaca lace shawl should do the trick!

Well that’s it from the fiber front.

Last few things!

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