The Moriesian is a result of a breeding program initiated in the USA to produce horses that combine the elegance and charisma of the Friesian with the versatility of the Morgan..

What are we breeding for?
We are looking to breed horses who are truly versatile, fancy enough for sport and rugged enough for utility.  Our Moriesians are of compact size, with deep chest, strong backs and hardy feet.  We have successfully shown them in harness, hunt seat, dressage, and competitive trail.  They are very people friendly and are frequently requested to be used at public events.

Our horses range in size from 15hh – 16hh and our breeding strives to keep them that rich black color with thick manes and tails with light feathering of the Friesian.

Personality is unmatched. Both Morgans and Friesians are known for their willingness and obedience. Our horses are very inquisitive and are not frightened easily. When presented with an obstacle they tend to move forward and investigate rather than turn tail and run making them great carriage and trail horses. They train very easily and are forgiving to mistakes, and are the ideal partner for someone who wants to grow with their horse from weanling to seasoned athlete.

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